Masculine Aromas Beyond the Perfume Scent

Let’s face it: who wants to talk about problems men face? In my not too long life, I was conditioned to believe that men are facing fewer problems than women. No wonder they are unable to admit they too need help, nurture and lots of aromatic love. So I will briefly expand on the aromatic aspect and let the reader fantasize about the other.

When I researched the topic about fragrances that are mostly preferred by men, I had my BIBI Aromatherapy Hat on so that the focus of search was on the therapeutic aspect more than anything else. You’ll be surprised to find these potent preventative and curative elixirs are very fragrant and can also be used as natural deodorant while beneficial to the skin microbiota.

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Table 1. Fragrant solutions for unglamorous problems.

Oil Latin name Reason to use the oil How to use
Bergamot Citrus bergamia Stimulate blood circulation

Strengthens the nervous system

Dispels anxiety


Pruritus Ani (itching of the anus)

synergistic blend with other oils

Use in sitz bath with Lavender and Geranium

Cypress Cupressus Premature Balding

Anti-orchitis (a viral inflammation of the testes)

Prostatitis (inflamed prostate)

Varicocele (varicose swelling of a vein from a testicle)

Jock Itch

Be patient results expected after 4 months provided that daily application of specific synergistic blend is applied on the scalp

Used in massage oil with other two oils (Oregano,Hysop)

In combination with thyme

Combine with Geranium and massage the lower abdomen

In combination with Patchouli and lavender

Lime Citrus × aurantifolia Refreshing, antiseptic Used in after shave lotions
Nutmeg Myristica fragrans Enhance concentration

Remove exhaustion

Halitosis ( bad breath)


Overdosing can lead to side effects



Bottom, whether you are a male or female you ought to yourself to practice self-care with plenty of rest, interests, hobbies and loving the life you have. Add some spark with Aromatherapy for better management and greater enjoyment.


If you have a sensitive skin, make sure you conduct a patch test before you splash essential oils on your skin. Furthermore, dilute 2-3 drops with a teaspoon of carrier oil of your choice and remember to check with a medical practitioner who specialises in aromatherapy before attempting to use any essential oil. This is especially important if you are pregnant, nursing or undertaking any special medication including homeopathic medication.



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