Allergies Seasonal Allergies – What can Essential Oils Do for YOU

Are you suffering from occasional allergies in spring or early summer?

Read this first:

There are risks and potential complications of using essential oils: this is particularly true for allergic prone people

  1. Pain, swelling, or tenderness of the skin;
  2. Itchiness;
  3. Hives, rash, or boils;
  4. Digestive upset;
  5. Difficulty breathing.

Essential oils can be used as an alternative or complementary treatment for allergy symptoms.

Before using the Essential oils BIBI Therapy always conducts an Allergy test reaction. Apply a small dose of essential oil (1–2 drops) diluted in 3–6 drops of carrier oil and apply to an inconspicuous area of skin (such as the abdomen, thigh, inner arm, etc.).

Allow the oil to fully absorb into your skin and then examine the area over the course of several hours. If any redness, pain, itchiness, swelling, or other adverse symptoms result, you may have sensitivity to that oil.

Aromatherapy can be used in various ways to assist you with this ailment:

  • diffusing them into the air;
  • using them in bath and spa products;
  • applying them onto the skin ( diluted);
  • or breathing them directly from a nasal container.
Picture of hand-test for allergies.
Allergy Testing