Pre-Book Now for Your 2020 Healthy Lifestyle Resolution

For the first time BIBI Therapy offers uniquely designed programs whereby You are empowered to adopt a lifestyle-plan where you learn how to nourish your body in a healthy way without depriving it.

  • Intensive, directed nutrition
  • Scientifically validated approach
  • Exclusive use of aromatic oils
  • One-on-one working until you are satisfied with your results
  • Sharing knowledge that empowers you
  • Personalised solution to your unique situation
  • Unparalleled use of services Nutrition, Herbalism and Aromatherapy…

There are four packages:

Boost Your Energy Levels

Invalidate Pain

Beat Anxiety

Intimidate Weight-Gain
  1. Boost Your Energy Levels
  2. Invalidate Pain
  3. Beat Anxiety
  4. Intimidate Weight-Gain

Each Package includes the following:

  • one initial lifestyle/diet/health assessment (60 -90 minutes); @105/session;
  • one consultation with personalised recommendations (food choices, teas and nutritious treats (up to 45 min); @105/session;
  • one personalised aromatic-solution for your unique situation; @105/session;
  • Bonus: one follow-up consultations 14 days apart with additional recommendations (30 to 45 minutes);
  • Customized summaries of each session with actionable steps;
  • Unparalleled use of services: Nutrition, Herbalism and Aromatherapy

Price: $285 for 3 sessions upfront payment, EFT available. Save $30.
Alternative Payments options @ $105/session ($105 x 3 = $315).