Aromatherapy and Gastronomic Treats

Three Gentle Ways for a Life of Great Health

Because it is summer and the last couple of days were a bit hot here in Melbourne, I will dwell a little on the connection between Aromatherapy and Gastronomy. I encourage the exploration of gentle and safe available options using culinary essential oils. As always, this blog is for education only and I strongly encourage consultation with a therapist trained in the specific protocols related to the use of essential oils internally. Be safe first, everything else will follow naturally. If in doubt you are always welcome to contact BIBI Therapy with your enquiries.

Imagination is the only limitation when it comes to harnessing the essential oils benefits to not only enhance the culinary delights you might create, but also to have great health benefits. I will share three of my absolute favourite: Black pepper, Fennel and Juniper berries.

The oil How it works
Black Pepper Piper Nigrum This spice has been linked to gastronomic delight for millennia. Not only it enhances gastrointestinal functionality while boosting nutrients absorption but its rich phytochemistry provides physiological benefits in cognitive brain functioning. (Butt, M et al 2013). Constipation : Abdominal massage ( Buckle, 2003), stimulates the colon and gets the stagnant build up moving again (Turan and Ast, 2016);
Fennel Foeniculum vulgare
Fennel was valued by ancient Chinese, Egyptians as well as Romans. The common denominator the belief that it conveyed longevity, courage and strength. Fennel seeds have also been used for hundreds of years as a digestive aid. Fennel essential oil has long been used as an appetite suppressant and is believed by some to help with weight loss. It is beneficial for the digestive system and is believed to be a tonic for fatigue. It is also one of the best detoxifying essential oils and is much used in lymphatic drainage massage. Irritable bowel syndrome(Portincasa et al, 2016): Abdominal massage with diluted oil or taken internally (1-2 drops) in a favourite smoothie Alcohol poisoning: Fennel can be taken internally in the form of tea decoction ; Additional information on safe use can be found following the link. Not to be taken in pregnancy or lactation.
Juniper berries Juniperus communis Known for its flavouring qualities of famous spirits designated as gins. The many chemical components existing in this balsamic pine scented oil make it very useful as antiseptic diuretic, tonic as well as bactericidal and strong fungicidal properties (Pepeljnjak et al, 2005). Can provide effective relief from bloating (Bouyahyaoui et al 2016)

My preferred way is to use them in a flavoured salt with wither the oils or the actual spices: Metabolism Enhancing Detoxifying Flavoured Salt

Here is how to make it: two drops from each of the essential oils (Black pepper, Fennel and Juniper) mixed with 100 g salt (Himalayan Pin, Celtic Gray, Sea salt etc). If you prefer grounding the actual spices you might like the following ratio: one table spoon Fennel seeds, one table spoon of Black pepper and juniper berries. De gustibus non disputandum est, along the line with in matter of taste there can be no disputes.

CAUTION!!! It is important to be aware that any of the oils described here are very powerful and should only be used in very small quantities. Avoid using them if pregnant or if you undergo chemotherapy as the components in these oils interact with the treatment; consult your natural therapist or doctor.

Wishing you a great green time this March 2019.


  • The use of any oil should not replace any prescribed course of treatment. If you have a sensitive skin, make sure you conduct a patch test before you splash essential oils on your skin;
  • Always dilute the essential oils, ratio of 2-3 drops with a teaspoon of carrier oil of your choice and
  • remember to check with a practitioner who specialises in aromatherapy before attempting to use any essential oil. This is especially important if you are pregnant, nursing or undertaking any special medication including homeopathic medication.


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