Scary Heels Anyone? Toxin-Free Aromatic Heal for Your Unsung Everyday Heroes

Soon Summer knocks and sets in. You will want to get on your feet and put on your gorgeous sandals or just your simple flip flops. It is time to take a look at the heels of your feet: the unsung heroes of your everyday life. What do you see? Are they dry, flaky, itchy, bleeding? If you suffer from any of these situations, it is very important that you take action now. Reade on!

Firstly, let’s have a look, why are you in this situation? Here is the ultimate formula to getting cracked heels:

  • Prolonged standing and/or on hard floor at either work or at home;
  • Continuous exposure to water or wet environment;
  • Suffer from diabetes, Thyroid, obesity, various skin conditions;
  • Wearing exposing footwear or wearing shoes that do not fit properly;
  • Constant neglect of foot care.

The list can be longer, but I limited so that you get the image. To fix the problem, you can choose to go for a professional treatment ($$$$$) or you can choose to treat it yourself at home ($).

Thankfully, there are some cost-effective remedies and easy ways to make them look supple and beautiful again. And, if you start now, you will be ready just in time for the beginning of the summer with nice heels to show off!

If you would like to get a personal consultation from me and learn how to use the essential oils to get your ultimate baby heels, you can contact me here. Let’s stay connected!

The table below outlines three easy ways you can do at home to get your heels in shape for sunshine!


Remedy Effect Procedure
Warm water and lemon juice Softens the skin

Re-hydrates the skin

10-15 min: Soak your feet, then scrub gently using a pumice stone
Coconut oil Great moisturiser If your heels are in particularly bad shape, soak as above then cover in oil after scrubbing with the pumice
Petroleum jelly Restores moisture to cracked heels Overnight soaking procedure: Cover the feet with it and put on some socks



If you fancy doing some work in the kitchen to honour your heels, here is BIBI Therapy recipe easy antifungal, antibacterial Healing Heels Butter. This butter is great for your skin microbiome, so you can liberally use it on your hands as well.


Ingredients: Coconut oil: 3 Tbs

Shea butter: 1 Tbs

Essential oils: Lavender, 10 drops; Tea tree, 10 drops

Procedure: Combine the oil and butter in a warm bain-marie. Stir in the essential oils.
Storage: Store in a dark, air tight container.



Have a fabulous entry into Summer 2018!




BIBI Therapy does not offer a cure for any ailments you may suffer. The information and reference guides provided here are intended solely for education only. Please seek advice from a specialist or your health care provider.