Super-Refreshing Natural Homemade Cooling Mist

Beat the Summer Heat in Style

It’s summer is hotter who knows to keep cooler? I know a way and it’s a spray I hope you’d like and make it straightway.

Well, so far the summer, here in Melbourne has hit us all with its beautiful hot air to the point that in some places even the electricity failed to keep up with the demand.

While having thermal comfort provided by an air conditioning environment is considered a privileged commodity in the 21st century; little do we really know about the diverse indoor air pollutants (e.g. toxins, microbes) that may cause tangible discomfort to our health (Samet and Spengler, 2003).

BIBI Therapy advocates a more holistic approach to keeping cool while achieving odour comfort as well. It is truly simple as well as it is beneficial to the skin microbiome.

The reader has the choice to opt whichever way is suitable for the given individual’s health situation.

My preferred cooling way is using a water/based sprits that I prepare using various herb hydrosols. Some of the advantages making your own mist spray are outlined below:

  • The use of the essential oils in the spray form directly on the skin, keep the sweaty skin free of bacteria and germs;
  • The Peppermint or spearmint oil helps invigorate you with the soft refreshing and cooling properties
  • It is safe to use directly on the skin for the entire family; avoid contact with the eye;
  • The aloe Vera keeps the skin hydrated and helps with any sun exposed regions;
  • It calms the redness and inflammation on acne prone skin
  • It can act as a pH balancer on the skin if it is sprayed on the face, avoiding eye region. Follow with rosehip oil to moisturise for better results.
  • Free from alcohol Palm oil, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance or colour.

To make the mist just follow the instruction provided below:

Ingredients:Basic Liquid: Lavender hydrosol(10ml) with 100 ml water
Basic Essential Oils: Peppermint or Spearmint 10 drops, Lemongrass Oil 5 drops, Lavender oil 5 drops
Extra Essential Oils: 3 drops of Vetiver or Sandal wood for added perfume benefits
Sage – This will help reduce activity in the sweat glands, which is one of the main causes of body odour.
Aloe Vera Gel
Procedure:Combine the oil with Aloe Vera gel than add the hydrosol and water.
Shake well.
Storage:Store in a glass spritzer bottle to keep the aroma fresh and potent.
For extra cooling effects keep in the fridge.
Use within 2 to 3 weeks of preparation and store in the fridge.
Do not add alcohol as it is drying to the skin.

For more information on how to formulate your own face mist using essential oils, leave a comment below!


If you have a sensitive skin, make sure you conduct a patch test before you splash essential oils under your armpit. Check with your family Doctor before attempting to use any essential oil. This is especially important if you are pregnant, nursing or undertaking any special medication including homeopathic medication.


The information and reference guides provided by BIBI Therapy are intended solely for the general information. Please seek advice from a specialist or your health care provider if you require any advice on medications.


Samet and Spengler, Am. J. Public Health 2003, 93(9): 1489-1493