About About Bibi Therapy

Niki is an experienced teacher, scientist and recently a passionate holistic therapist with a gift for supporting change and a serving those that need a special attention. She is passionate about Natural Healing and is currently studying towards Holistic Herbalism and Advanced Holistic Nutrition.
Coming from a scientific background Niki has a profound respect for modern medicine and at the same time she is amazed by the phenomenal power that nature has on offer. Niki’s journey with Holistic Therapies came about through her own health challenges that turned her life upside down for good reasons. That is why she uses a cohort of evidence-based, scientific knowledge and approaches to help those people suffering from with autoimmune disease disorders, stress, fatigue and general wellbeing.
In particular, Niki is in a position to testify the strength and positive aspects of the Holistic Aromatherapy approaches in restoring health ailments and much more. Her scientific background enabled her to gain an in-depth understanding on how Holistic Therapies, Aromatherapy in particular, can assist in the restoration of natural body balance.
Her comprehensive range of services will bring peace and healing to your life. She believes that physical pains originate in the emotional realm, thus she designed various strategies to support her clients regain their full joy of life in both physical and energetic spheres.