Aromatic Reflection Beyond the Perfume Scent

Do you have a Reflection Ritual? What is your reflection Ritual? This blog is about Reflection. Before the rush of the end of the Holy Season and the End of The Year, I invite you to take a moment and reflect on the Year we are about to bring to a close. Reflect on your well-being, your achievements or perhaps you wish to remove some of the roadblocks that life brought unexpectedly. It is a time of sharing time with yourself. I choose to share my reflection ritual in the hope that it would entice the reader to take the road of reflection, even if it is just for a moment.

Set up the scene: put on some nice music. My preferred music is a soft violin of the classical kind. The idea is to enchant the brain through sound. This creates specific reverberations in response to the frequencies we hear. There is a whole theory on this topic alone.

Prepare a nice cup of tea: drink it from the most expensive tea cup. Since this is a ritual, I only use the most expensive cups for this purpose. Prepare your favourite tea. My favourite tea is chamomile tea.

Set up the ambiance: light p some candles, or dim the light in the room. My preferred way is to light up a few unscented beeswax candles, turn off the light and relax. Clear my mind.

Immerse in the enchanting scent of a particular essential oil. These days is so easy to just put a few drops of essential in a diffuser and let the room be filled with magic. Depending on the reflection point I would use different oils. Table below shows a few reflection points and the oils used to help anchor and tune into the issue of choice. Now, this is a strong element because it touches the central part of the Aromatherapy. The scent of the oils helps us to aromatically anchor new neuropathways and beliefs, as we reflect. The scents influence the heart rate, how we feel about life experiences. Moreover, inhaling the aroma of a specific enable us to tune into the energetic field of the plant where this oil has been extracted. Thus we would emotionally resonate and vibrate at different frequency. This blog will not cover in details this topic, rather provides a way of tuning into reflection moments with the goal to re-frame emotional issues we might experience.

If you would like to get a personal consultation from me and learn how to use the essential oils to aromatically anchor you and enhance your emotional care, please contact me here. Let’s stay connected!

Until next blog, cherish you’re your own magnificence and allow your true beauty to soar and touch others, starting with the ones are closest to you.

Table 1. Scented solutions to enhance emotional care through focused reflection.

Oil Botanical Name Reflection points
Myrtle Myrtus communis Am I experiencing feelings of pain or struggle with unresolved matters?

What makes me shine or radiate beauty around me?

Roman Chamomile Anthemis nobilis Am I burdened or indifferent to the demands of life?

What makes me relaxed?

Lemongrass Cymbopogon citratus Am I limiting myself in any way?

What fascinates me to embark on the unknown voyage of discovery?

Peppermint* Mentha piperita Am I lacking focus in my life’s journey?

What propels me forward, upward towards my glorious dream?

* — Caution: Avoid using this oil if you have a problem with estrogen dominance or any condition that would suffer from excess estrogen. Do no use this oil if you undergo chemotherapy, components of this oil interact with the treatment, consult your doctor before using it.


If you choose to put on the oils mentioned above, please consider the following:

  • If you have a sensitive skin, make sure you conduct a patch test before you splash essential oils on your skin.
  • Always dilute the essential oils, ratio of 2-3 drops with a teaspoon of carrier oil of your choice and
  • remember to check with a medical practitioner who specialises in aromatherapy before attempting to use any essential oil. This is especially important if you are pregnant, nursing or undertaking any special medication including homeopathic medication.